Market update

It’s probably a little premature because more closings could be still pending that actually closed in April but here it is as of this morning.  Comparing the first four months of 2015 to the first four months of 2014 in residential sales in the Luna County area:

Number sold     $ Value          Average Price     Median Price     Average Days on the market

2014       53                     $4,283,550     $80,822              $76,000             199

2015       47                     $4,314,669     $91,801              $80,000             229

This is so weird.  Fewer sales for more money with a higher average price, a higher median price and longer days on the market???  I know I’m not an statistician but this just seems strange.  Guess we will see what the rest of the year brings.  I do know there a lot of properties on the market and it looks like prices are starting to go up a little.  So hopefully we are continuing an upward climb.  Now if we could just get something in the area to bring buyers in to buy houses we would all be in good shape.  Or if someone could put a stop to the foreclosures so the retirees could sell their homes in the cold country and come enjoy our mild winters, that would work too!


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